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Our Teachers & Staff

Our teachers, principals and school staff are committed to the mission and the Catholic education. Dedicated to providing knowledge to our students, our educators work tirelessly to provide a safe and rich learning environment for each of our students.

In order to meet our high safety and quality standards, every Assumption Regional Catholic School Teacher goes through an extensive hiring and verification process. This ensures their degree or licensure meets the appropriate role they will serve in our school.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing our students with the best educational opportunities possible. Our teachers are develop innovative teaching strategies and leveraging the latest technologies to unlock your child’s full potential. You can trust Assumption Regional Catholic School Teachers are dedicated to the development and growth of your child’s education.


AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Father Gerard C. Marable.jpg

Father Gerard Marable

Our Lady of
Perpetual Help Parish

Ph: 609-652-0008

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Susan Picardi.jpg

Susan Picardi

Administrative Assistant

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Joan Dollinger.jpg

Joan Dollinger

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Jillian Pritchett.jpg

Jillian Pritchett

Administrative Assistant

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Katrina Finan.jpg

Katrina Finan

Vice Principal/Jr Math Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Patricia Smith.jpg

Patty Smith

Bookkeeper/HR Coordinator

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Alicia Downey.jpg

Alicia Downey

Director of Advancement


AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Jen Saul.jpg

Jennifer Saul

PreK 3 Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Tammy Palmieri.jpg

Tammy Palmieri

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Jennifer Hund.jpg

Jennifer Hund

PreK 3 Assistant

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Cheree Metro.jpg

Cheree Metro

PreK 4 Assistant

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Stacy Orlowski.jpg

Stacy Orlowski

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Jennifer Ricciardi.jpg

Jennifer Riccardi


AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Jeannine Colangelo.jpg

Jeannine Colangelo

Kindergarten Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Laura Loftis.jpg

Laura Loftis

Kindergarten Assistant

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Katherine Bobe.jpg

Katherine Bobe

Kindergarten Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Linda Spadaro.jpg

Linda Spadaro

Kindergarten Assistant/

After School Program

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Brianna Bobe.jpg

Brianna Bobe

Kindergarten Assistant

First Grade

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Marisa Kile.jpg

Marisa Kile

First Grade Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Gail Troy.jpg

Gail Troy

First Grade Teacher

Third Grade

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Cynthia Fussner.jpg

Cindy Fussner

Third Grade Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Stacey King.jpg

Stacey King

Third Grade Teacher

Second Grade

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Mimi Menei-Lovallo.jpg

Mimi Menei-Lovallo

Second Grade Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Traci Walker.jpg

Traci Walker

Second Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Brianna Bennett.jpg

Brianna Bennett

Fourth Grade Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Alaina Schettig.jpg

Alaina Schettig

Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Mary Breitzman.jpg

Mary Breitzman

Fifth Grade Teacher

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Gina Idone.jpg

Gina Idone

Fifth Grade Teacher

Junior High

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Teresa Cincotta.jpg

Theresa Cincotta

Sixth Grade Teacher - Social Studies

2022 Assumption Staff ID - Jena Ring.jpg

Jena Ring

Eighth Grade Teacher - Writing

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Tracey Molfino_.jpg

Tracey Molfino

Sixth Grade Teacher - Math

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Maria Clauhs.jpg

Maria Clauhs

Eighth Grade Teacher - Writing

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Patricia Naples.jpg

Patricia Naples

Seventh Grade Teacher - Science

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Ashlei Wyant.jpg

Ashlei Wyant

Seventh Grade Teacher - Religion

Minor Subjects

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Samantha Colandrea.jpg

Samantha Colandrea

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Katherine Aikens.jpg

Katherine Aikens

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Celeste Bryz-Gornia.jpg

Celeste Bryz-Gornia

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Jennifer Luzon.jpg

Jennifer Luzon

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Maddie Giardina.jpg

Maddie Giardina


AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Mary Beth Abate.jpg

Mary Beth Abate


Robert Crespo

Athletic Director

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Thomas P. Higgins.jpg

Thomas Higgins

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Renee Hall.jpg

Renee Hall

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Theresa Sartorio.jpg

Teresa Sartorio

Guidance Counselor

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Charlie Smith.jpg

 Charlie Smith

2022 Assumption Staff ID - Diane Falivene.jpg

Diane Falivene

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Alia Suthard.jpg

Alia Suthard

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Janet Moran.jpg

Janet Moran

AssumptionStaffID_23_24_Maria Seyler.jpg

Maria Seyler

Cafeteria Manager

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